Making a difference in Georgia


Imagine Hope Quarterly Report - Q2/2021

Askia Abdul-Rahman, the new HIV Specialist at DeKalb CSB, began doing HIV testing in mid-March. Less than two months later he had his first positive result. 

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Imagine Hope Quarterly Report - Q1/2021

Rose Spann and Sheila Timmons work together to ensure clients have access to HIV and HCV testing. During the quarter, this duo provided HIV testing to 108 clients and performed 148 HCV tests.

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Imagine Hope Quarterly Report - Q4/2020

While some sites have seen a decline in screening for HIV and HCV, a few are testing more than ever.


And statewide, the daily heroism of holding the front line continues.

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Quarterly Report - Q3/2020

"It is literally life-changing. Ten clients have started on medication, six of those have completed treatment, and four have achieved viral load suppression." 

- Shannon Corda, Therapist

Alliance Recovery, Athens

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Quarterly Report - Q2/2020

"When I walk through the waiting room, clients rush to me asking to be tested." 

- Theresha Threadcraft, RN

Aspire Health, Albany


Quarterly Report - Q1/2020

"We have never been prouder of the statewide EIS team. You have shown up - keeping the doors open and serving clients in a very difficult situation. Your dedication and commitment inspires us to be more." 

- Marie Sutton, CEO

Imagine Hope, Inc.


Quarterly Report - Q4/2019

"When a client walks in our doors, they've made that first step of admitting that they need help."

 - Wendy Felix, Ogeechee


Quarterly Report  Q3/2019

"I've seen clients in tears because we've given them hope where it did not exist before they sat down."

 - Nikki Smith, McIntosh Trail 


Quarterly Report Q2/2019

"When I come to work, I say hello to everyone with a big smile. They don't want someone coming in grumpy. They need somebody to smile and show that life can be good."

 - Vivian Hunter, Quentin's Place

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Quarterly Report Q1/2019

"Rarely do we have anyone not take advantage of the opportunity to learn their HIV status."

 - Narsheba Aasir, MARR