Making a difference in Georgia

Quarterly Report - Q2/2020

"When I walk through the waiting room, clients rush to me asking to be tested." 

- Theresha Threadcraft, RN

Aspire Health, Albany

Quarterly Report - Q1/2020

"We have never been prouder of the statewide EIS team. You have shown up - keeping the doors open and serving clients in a very difficult situation. Your dedication and commitment inspires us to be more." 

- Marie Sutton, CEO

Imagine Hope, Inc.

Quarterly Report - Q4/2019

"When a client walks in our doors, they've made that first step of admitting that they need help."

 - Wendy Felix, Ogeechee

Quarterly Report  Q3/2019

"I've seen clients in tears because we've given them hope where it did not exist before they sat down."

 - Nikki Smith, McIntosh Trail 

Quarterly Report Q2/2019

"When I come to work, I say hello to everyone with a big smile. They don't want someone coming in grumpy. They need somebody to smile and show that life can be good."

 - Vivian Hunter, Quentin's Place

Quarterly Report Q1/2019

"Rarely do we have anyone not take advantage of the opportunity to learn their HIV status."

 - Narsheba Aasir, MARR

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